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Electronic commerce

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The aim of the course E-business is to introduce students to access electronic and mobile business in the implementation, control and strategic level. Subject outlines the relationship between the internal business processes of the company and the environment in terms of global connectivity and business. In doing so, a detailed analysis of modern technology on which it is based e-business solutions. Displays the role of the Internet and mobile telecommunications networks, critical infrastructure posed by new business models and concepts of survival in the market. Subject analyzes the most successful examples of electronic and mobile business, but by and large the problems that the company faced when trying to establish a new business concept. Particular emphasis is placed on internationally accepted standards relevant to this topic. The course is aimed at young people, practically oriented professionals at the level of implementation and management, which should creatively implement systems to support e-business and fit them into the modern business models. They should be experts who create software solutions to support e-business and managers who base their decisions on a consistent and quantitative measures of performance of the enterprise.