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Suvremeni engleski jezik I (G2)

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Cathy-Theresa Kolega
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In the course students develop their language skills on level C1. They develop their speaking skills needed for interactive communication and get acquainted with cultural norms of the English-speaking countries. Also, students practice descriptions, they express their personal attitudes on the basis of visual prompts and discuss different topics. Students are encouraged to express their opinion and develop their critical thinking. Furthermore, the focus is on the achievement of high standards in reading and writing. Vocabulary enrichment includes the study of idioms with the aim of improvement in written and oral communication. Students analyse individual grammatical structures within the grammatical system, thus gradually developing their grammatical competence and gaining an insight in the functioning of the English language. Students restructure their knowledge doing more complex exercises and translations. They work on basic grammatical structures systematising and classifying them in a general overview. Also, students develop learning strategies and are trained for independent work.