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Antonija Primorac
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The elective course Neo-Victorianism offers an insight into the development and spread of contemporary uses of Victorians in Anglophone literature and culture. The first half of the course is dedicated to the discussion of key concepts and themes in Victorian literature and culture and their neo-Victorian revisions. Neo-Victorianism is introduced both as a theoretical concept and as subject of academic research. After continuous assessment, the lectures that follow encourage students to analyse critically the contemporary uses of aesthetic and ideological elements of the Victorian era, but also the employment of stereotypes about the Victorians on the one hand and historical revisionism in literature and art on the other. The aim is to raise awareness of cultural nostalgia’s role in the production of neo-Victorianism; to pinpoint the links between neo-Victorianism and postcolonial, postfeminist, and postmodern approaches to the literary text; and to call attention to the transmedial nature of neo-Victorian adaptations of the Victorian era.