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Reading Film gives a chronological survey of the development of film art by bringing into focus key terms and issues from film theory and criticism (such as the language of film; popular culture and aesthetics; the cult of the author/auteur; genre; film and gender, etc). The stress is on Anglophone cinemas but special attention is also paid to important European and world directors, styles and theoretical influences. In the first few weeks, the course gives a brief overview of the history of film art and an introduction to the language of film criticism and film theory. The second part of the course is dedicated to film adaptations of Anglophone literature, providing an insight into the questions that arise from the interaction of these two media. Through a focus on carefully selected film adaptations of literary texts students are introduced to different types of adaptation (transposition, transmedia adaptation, analogue, cultural/historical equivalents, adaptations to/from graphic novels, etc.) and appropriation, and to different approaches to analysing the ways in which films translate and adapt literary texts to screen. NB.  Films and texts chosen for analysis vary from one academic year to the next.