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Analytical chemistry and laboratory methods

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Diplomski sveučilišni
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Marko Vinceković
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Marija Romić
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The aim of the course "Analytical chemistry and laboratory methods" is to provide students with basic principles of analytical chemistry and physico-chemical processes controlling the fate of pollutants in the environment, and to develop a working knowledge of laboratory methods, chemical analyses of the environmental samples, the supervising or performing laboratory operations, and the interpretation of analytical results. This covers several subject domains: basic principles of analytical methods, analytical procedures to obtain data, methods of chemical separation, measurements’, soil chemistry, plant nutrition and environmental pollutants and protection, stressing the importance of quality assurance and quality control. Topics include modern analytical methods used for soil quality testing, soil testing for plant available nutrients, determination of environmental pollutants and the specific methods for the water analysis. Laboratory component will provide hands-on experience of laboratory methods and operation of analytical instrumentation as well as interpretation of the analytical results of testing methods. After finishing the course students should be able to request appropriate chemical analysis, understand procedures and principles of chemical testing methods, perform laboratory operations and report procedures and results in concise written reports. Theoretical lectures are complemented with practical laboratory exercises in small groups working in laboratories of the Faculty, where the students will familiarize with both classical and instrumental methods usually employed in environmental analytical chemistry. Further considerations include the quality of the analytical results and the generation of precise and accurate analytical data.