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Evaluation of clinical and preventive methods of caries therapy

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Walter Dukić
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The researches will include children up to the age of 18. parents and educators. which will be involved in educational lectures on etiology of caries and importance of nutrition on general health of the children. With the preventive procedures. which represent the top of contemporary prevention. we will try to prove the successfulness of prevention conducted in time and systematically. which in all branches of medicine and dentistry shows good results. which can be seen in 2 to 4 years. which we will show with our epidemiological studies and indexes DMF/T and DMF/S. and modern statistical methods will prove the theses on efficacy of our procedures during 4 years. By analyzing the success of described methods published in domestic and foreign scientific publications. we will prove the successfulness of our procedures. Modern preventive procedures which we will conduct are: preventive sealing of fissures with pre-treatment of the enamel. ultrasonic micropreparations. minimally invasive dentistry. and diagnostics of caries with DIAGNOdent and X-rays. and scientific indexes of their success. The research and scientific studies will prove the effect of ozone on reduction of cariogenic flora and reduction of caries and its dissemination. As the most recent form of prevention and therapy. therapy of the pulp with the laser will be used and its success will be proven with scientific and epidemiological procedures.